The Vortylon Approach

At Vortylon, we aim to change the conversation in the M&A space to focus on long term success for both the companies and individuals involved. Statistics show that 3 years post acquisition more than 50% of the acquired companies are struggling or have failed and over 95% of exited owners are not happy with the outcome.  We will work with you to change that story for you and your company.

The Vortylon Story

Our partners have collaborated in various roles for quite some time (decades in some cases) as part of other companies.  Vortylon was born when we realized we shared a common passion for creating successful exits for our clients and their companies.

Our partners bring you decades of experience with various forms of exits and leadership transitions.  Our experience spans the full transition lifecycle, from the letter of intent through to the post-transaction operational integration.  We have experience with East Coast financial institutions generating billions in revenue, as well as local family owned main street businesses.

The Vortylon Name

In its original spelling, “vortilon” is a splice of the words “vortex” and “pylon”. It originates from the aeronautical industry and can be found on the wings (in red) of every commercial passenger jet plane.  The vortilons enable the wing to increase it’s surface area dramatically increasing lift at low air speed.  This happens during takeoff and landing, providing lift and stability at low speed. 

We love the analogy in relationship to the work we do with our clients.  We provide that extra lift and stability at the time you and your company need it most.

The Vortylon Team

Scott Kingsborough
Grey Williams

The Vortylon Board of Advisors

These accomplished individuals join the Vortylon Team to provide mentorship and assistance to our client companies.  They bring with them a wealth of exactly the resources you need.

Mark Hill
Alese Stroud
Jeff Standridge
Dan Curtis
Econ. Development
David DePoyster
Ryan Lavender
General Manager
Ping Fong, Jr.
Business Development
Jeff Amerine
Founder / Investor