The full Vortylon Experience begins on the day you call us thinking about planning for your exit and ends three years post ownership transfer when you and your company are settled into a new reality.  We offer a range of services and support specifically designed to create long term success.  Our service offerings adapt to meet your specific needs and goals.

For ease of reference, those services fall into three groups:

  • Planning Services
  • Transaction Services
  • Continuity Services

Planning and Preparation Services

Planning begins with a conversation about your goals and your current status.

Our planning and preparation services are tailored to your specific desired outcome.  Companies looking for a quick “as-is” sale need one level of planning.  Companies with time and resources to work toward a higher exit multiple require a different level of planning and preparation.

We begin with a structured series of conversations designed for us to get to know each other.  This time allows us to understand the current condition of your company and your personal objectives.

It “takes a village” to maximize success, so we assist in creating and coordinating a village of professional experts specifically for you.

Take the first steps from the comfort of your own office by completing either of these two free tools.

Once you commit to work with us, you can expect the planning part of the Vortylon Experience to include:

  • Initial goal setting
  • Financial valuation
  • Assessment of intangible value using TRaX 180
  • Pairing with a mentor from the Vortylon Board of Advisors
  • Development of a detailed succession plan
  • Examination of impact to lifestyle and family
  • Connection with appropriate services provided by state and university resources, as well as commercial providers (as needed)

The Vortylon Board of Advisors

These experts are available to you throughout the lifecycle of your work with Vortylon.  They collectively carry a deep resume of experience buying, selling and investing in companies.  Their mentorship is key part of The Vortylon Experience.

TRaX 180V Organizational Assessment

Vortylon uses the patent-pending TRaX 180V Organizational Assessment to quantify your company’s intangible capital.  This information is paired with your financials to advise valuation.

The information resulting from this assessment exercise

  • informs our strategy for marketing your company.
  • identifies value drivers where investment can potentially increase your exit multiple.
  • forms a solid defensive base for price justification

Transaction Services

Finding the right deal for your company is a matter of balancing price, terms and fit.  The Vortylon team has the expertise to find the right buyers and negotiate a deal that works.

Our partners and your Board Mentor will work with you to evaluate options.  Due diligence is expensive and disruptive, so we will work together to avoid time wasters.


International Connections

Vortylon maintains close relationships with international investors who are prepared to move quickly for a seller who fits their profile.

Our relationship with The Neptune Group in Japan gives you access to some of the largest buyers in Asia. We offer a discreet introduction to the largest companies in Japan who are interested in buying family and or privately owned businesses here in the US.

If you’ve been in business for at least 4-5 years with revenues between $10 & $100 million, then the first step in exploring this opportunity is to connect with a Vortylon associate (   We can typically get feedback from the Neptune Group regarding interested acquisition parties in 4 to 8 weeks, if you are prompt in answering their information requests.

Continuity Services

The Vortylon Experience includes post-transaction consulting services designed to guide a company through the three-year period of elevated risk following a change in ownership or leadership.

The work initiated during the planning phase continues after the transaction for both you personally and for your company under new ownership.

For the Company:

The relationships and base of knowledge we build with a company during the exit planning and transaction phases, uniquely position us to nurture a client company through the post-transaction phase.

Attention to this phase of the lifecycle is especially important when transaction terms provide for performance based buyout over time.

The continuity plan is designed to onboard new leadership as quickly as possible, while creating strategies for achieving the goals of the acquisition.  Vortylon provides a customized menu of services to support this initiative.

For the Executive:

Exiting executives are most successful personally when they also have a post-transaction plan.  The Vortylon Experience pays attention to impact of the transaction on both the executive and his/her family.  Consideration is given to aspects of health (both mental and physical), social connection and professional identity.

Over 95% of exiting owners are unsatisfied with the change a year past their exit.  This can be avoided by truthful introspection about goals and dreams, coupled with planning for your new reality.

We work with exiting executives to assist in finding opportunities for board service or mentorship opportunities.  All of our clients are invited to join the Vortylon Board of Advisors upon completion of their exit.  This gives you the opportunity to share your experience with others following in your footsteps.