Ryan Lavender

Ryan Lavender is a General Manager for Netsmart Technologies, a healthcare technology company based out of Overland Park, Kansas.  Ryan joined Netsmart via an acquisition.  Prior to Netsmart, Ryan worked at a small healthcare technology company, Lavender & Wyatt Systems, Inc. (LWSI), that was founded by Mickey Lavender, Ryan’s Father, in the late 1970s.  Ryan began working at LWSI in 1991 while still in high-school and joined full-time after college.  Ryan was involved in all aspects of the business.  Throughout his tenure at LWSI, Ryan’s responsibilities included product design, development, implementation, support, end-user training, software demonstrations, human resources and accounting.  LWSI was acquired by Netsmart Technologies in 2015 and Ryan was asked to stay on as the General Manager over his business unit.

Ryan has worked in healthcare technology for 27 years.  He has a B.S degree in chemistry and biology.  He is analytical and enjoys strategizing and planning with others about business opportunities or business growth. Ryan is actively involved in his church.  Ryan is married to Kristin and they have two daughters, Megan and Sydney.