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Why choosing the right M&A advisor is critical to your success

Prior to forming Vortylon, we invested three years interviewing M&A advisors and brokers around the country. Without exception, their primary focus was on closing the deal.  That might seem like a good thing at first blush.  You want them focused on closing your deal because finding a willing buyer at the highest multiple possible is what you want. Right?  Well, maybe not.

The M&A industry at large has an abysmal track record. After closing a transaction, less than half of acquisitions survive beyond three years.  If walking away with a huge check on closing day is your only goal that may be okay by you.  If however, you care about your employees, your clients and the legacy you’ve built, you might see things differently. Furthermore, if any part of your payout is related to continuing success over time, then who you choose as your M&A partner will be critical to your success.

If you are one of those owners who has a vested interest, either emotional or financial, in the post-acquisition success of your company, you need a partner who shares that concern – like VORTYLON.

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The full Vortylon Experience provides services for these three stages of the exit process.

Our passion for creating post acquisition success drives us to rethink the M&A landscape of services. Vortylon brings three distinct service offerings under one roof. These services are traditionally provided by two or three different consulting firms.

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Planning Services

Careful planning and preparation are necessary for you to exit your company successfully.

Vortylon has the partners and resources necessary to assist you and your company achieve this goal.


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Transaction Services

Effective marketing and careful deal design are key to executing a transaction in today’s market.

Vortylon maintains relationships with buyers around the world.  Our village of bankers, lawyers and tax planners will help you design the right deal.


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Continuity Services

A successful exit story continues well past the closing transaction.  The next three years are critical.

The Vortylon Experience wraps support services around the exited owner, the new owner and the surviving company.  Long term success for all is our goal.


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Why should I choose Vortylon as my exit partner?

Working together, we intentionally and proactively map your long term success – both for you and your company, long post-acquisition.

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Our Board

These executives have walked in your shoes.

They are prepared to engage with your personally to help ensure your success.

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Our Global Connections

Our relationship with The Neptune Group provides a quick avenue for marketing your privately-owned manufacturing company to a large pool of potential buyers.  We also maintain connections in Europe and the UK.

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Our Tool Kit

We license the patent pending TRaX 180 toolkit from Corporate Insight Strategy to guide our client’s exit planning and preparation.  This industry leading technology evaluates operational maturity and cultural alignment, based on industry best practices.

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Vortylon connects you with the full lifecycle of services you need to capture the best value, both financially and personally, for the enterprise you are about to sell.

Exiting a company they own is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most business owners.  Done well, it takes a village.  The goal of The Vortylon Experience is to surround you with the right village of experts to make sure this once-in-a-lifetime event is the best experience possible – for you and for your company.

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Next Steps…

Let’s start with a conversation.[/vc_column_text]


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